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Jetboards For Sale

Try Before You Buy

We will refund any 1 or 2 person lesson cost taken within the previous 12 months if you purchase a jetboard from us.

Free Setup Lesson

We will give you a free 2 hour private lesson worth £200 with every jetboard sale. We can go through setting up the board, basic maintenance and how to use the equipment safely.

Mako Slingshot Jetboard

Discover the most playful, compact and lightweight motorised surfboard that everyone can enjoy. Fun to ride and easy to use, the Mako Slingshot is designed to make the most out of your time on the water. Perfect for every adventure, from a short rip around the sea to a full day of family fun.

The Mako Slingshot is perfectly balanced to give outstanding stability and control, so it’s easier than ever to jump on a board regardless of skill level. From the seasoned rider, to someone just getting their toes wet for the first time, the Mako Slingshot jet board offers a versatile and unforgettable powered surfing experience.

90 Mins Cruise Time

34 MPH
55 KPH

20 KG
44 LBS

XT100 2 Stroke

Mako Jetboard Package

What's Included?

Your Mako Slingshot coms fully loaded, you just need to add fuel. The pack contains: Board, FCS fins, 2x safety pins, battery, charger, attachments for your garden hose, tool kit and instructions.

FCS Fin System

The most well known and simple fin system is now available on Mako Slingshot jetboards. Simple click and go.

Mako Fin Systems.jpg
Mako Footstraps.jpg

 Fully Adjustable Foot Straps

The Mako Slingshot comes with four foot straps as standard fitted to the board, if you ride regular and your mate rides goofy, no problem, just switch your stance then ride.

Removable Battery

The Slingshot jet board comes with a fully removable battery which helps with charging anywhere. The lightweight battery is fully enclosed in it's own compartment meaning maximum safety for users.

Mako Battery.jpg
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