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Exclusive Offer!

We're excited to announce our partnership with Two Bare Feet!

You can now purchase a Two Bare Feet paddleboard package through us and get your 1-2-1 lesson for FREE. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to get started with paddleboarding!

Two Bare Feet is Devon based company that provides high quality extreme sports equipment. They have a great selection of fantastic Paddleboards. Check what's on offer:

Retail prices 


Sport Air Range

Always representing the top-end of inflatable SUP manufacturing, the ever-popular Two Bare Feet Sport Air range has been revitalised for with a fantastic new look, further upgrades and new features including a refined removable fin system with the addition of a river fin to interchange with the larger centre fin providing endless SUPing opportunities.


These boards continue to sit at the top end of the Two Bare Feet range thanks to the incredibly durable Fusion DWF materials used to make them. This process uses extra PVC laminate layers which add rigidity: this is key for performance, and they also offer a much tougher overall board. These extra layers are then fused together using heat, eliminating the need for glue and in turn, reducing the risk of delamination's and punctures.


The Sport Air range was designed to serve the intermediate and expert paddlers who are looking for a board that can handle anything you might throw at it. However, if you are just starting out, don’t feel like you’re in the wrong place. The Sport Air’s moderate width certainly promotes speed and progression for more advanced paddlers, but can still offer a stable enough platform for new riders confident in their balance and with their sights set on progressing their riding fast.

Entradia Range

The Entradia is Two Bare Feet’s longest standing SUPs, and it’s only getting better with upgraded performance specs year on year! This range was designed to suit beginner and intermediate paddlers alike. The performance is unrivalled at this price thanks to the newest generation of tried and tested DWF (Double Wall Fabric) which is reinforced with a sturdy 1000 denier textile weave to add rigidity and save weight throughout. This material comes in a super lightweight gauge on the deck, with a slightly thicker and tougher gauge on the underside where it counts.


Rather than adding a heavy second layer of PVC, the weight is kept down with PVC laminate strips on the top and bottom of the deck that add extra tensile strength to the lightweight material. This increase in tensile strength on both sides of the board significantly boosts rigidity. The combination of the Entradia’s low weight and the added strength of the strips means your paddle strokes are more effective and you have a stable, yet responsive and agile board.

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